Cases in Emergency Airway Management

Cases in Emergency Airway Management

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: UK ed., 11/26/2015
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Does your heart rate increase when you are paged to the emergency department or ICU for emergency airway management? Would you know how to handle the unexpected arrival of a patient with a gunshot wound to the neck and worsening airway compromise? This guide to critical airway emergencies will prepare you to safely manage these high-pressure situations. Case-based discussions focus on specific scenarios and provide background on the relevant medical issues along with practical guidance and algorithms. This systematic approach gives quick access to vital clinical information. Multidisciplinary in approach and written by experts from a variety of specialties, the content covers both pediatric and adult patients, encompassing many of the challenging airway situations you could be faced with. Every healthcare practitioner involved with emergency airway management will benefit from this book.

1. Anatomic consideration for airway management Gail I. Randel and Tracey Straker
2. Airway algorithms and guidelines Carlos A. Artime and Carin A. Hagberg
3. A general approach to management and evaluation of the emergency airway Adam Schiavi and Christina Miller
4. Management of patients with angioedema Wendy H. L. Teoh and Michael Seltz Kristensen
5. Stridor due to upper airway obstruction/mass Sage P. Whitmore
6. Tracheostomy-related airway emergencies Vinciya Pandian, Mueen Ahmad and Nasir Bhatti
7. Subglottic airway emergencies Seth Manoach and Oren A. Friedman
8. Airway management in patients with tracheo-bronchial traumatic injury Felipe Urdaneta
9. Airway management of the patient with morbid obesity Davide Cattano and Ruggero M. Corso
10. Adult and pediatric epiglottitis Calvin A. Brown, III
11. Management of foreign body aspiration in pediatric and adult patients Neal Patrick Moehrle and Narasimhan Jagannathan
12. Management of anterior mediastinal mass Basem Abdelmalak
13. The asthmatic crisis Sal J. Suau and Peter M. C. DeBlieux
14. Airway management of the pregnant patient Mohammed A. Abdel-Rahim, Lori Ann Wilkinson Suffredini and Jean-Pierre P. Ouanes
15. Management of patients with laryngospasm Kenneth H. Butler
16. Airway compression by expanding hematoma Michael Seltz Kristensen and Wendy H. L. Teoh
17. Extubation of the difficult airway Richard M. Cooper
18. Management of blunt and penetrating neck trauma Erik G. Laurin
19. Airway management of patients with smoke inhalation Jarrod M. Mosier
20. Airway management in cervical spine injury Jaime Daly and Keith J. Ruskin
21. Airway management in facial trauma Rob Reardon and Marc Martel
22. Airway management in head injury Christa San Luis and Athir Morad
23. Airway management of pediatric congenital anomalies Paul Baker and Natasha Woodman
24. Management of post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage Nick Dalesio
25. Fiberoptic intubation William Rosenblatt and P. Allan Klock, Jr
26. Videolaryngoscopy for emergency intubation Kenneth P. Rothfield and John C. Sakles
27. Surgical airway management Aaron E. Bair
28. Communicating airway information
difficult airway letters and the MedicAlert National Difficult Airway/Intubation Registry Lorraine Foley, Vinciya Pandian and Lynette Mark.