Catalogue of Meteorites Reference Book with CD-ROM

Catalogue of Meteorites Reference Book with CD-ROM

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Monica M. Grady
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 5, 2000-08-31
EAN 9780521663038, ISBN10: 0521663032

Hardcover, 696 pages, 28.4 x 20.3 x 3.6 cm

The fifth edition of Catalogue of Meteorites is, like previous editions, an essential reference volume for all those with an informed interest in meteorites. The volume is a complete catalogue of all authenticated meteorites, and gives information on their classification and chemistry. It is the definitive descriptive list of The Natural History Museum, London, which maintains the official world database of all known meteorite falls and finds. It includes the 10,000 new specimens recovered since publication of the fourth edition, including those from Antarctica and deserts. An important development is the addition of CD-ROM to accompany the book, which includes greatly expanded information (literature references and analytical data for each meteorite) and an important search facility. The Catalogue is the major reference volume for everyone interested in meteorites: professional scientists, meteoriticists, collectors, dealers, and academic libraries.

'... an exciting step forward ... the author is to be congratulated ...'. R. A. Howe, Mineralogical Magazine