Celebrating Shakespeare: Commemoration and Cultural Memory

Celebrating Shakespeare: Commemoration and Cultural Memory

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Cambridge University Press, 10/26/2017
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On the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, this collection opens up the social practices of commemoration to new research and analysis. An international team of leading scholars explores a broad spectrum of celebrations, showing how key events - such as the Easter Rising in Ireland, the Second Vatican Council of 1964 and the Great Exhibition of 1851 - drew on Shakespeare to express political agendas. In the USA, commemoration in 1864 counted on him to symbolise unity transcending the Civil War, while the First World War pulled the 1916 anniversary celebration into the war effort, enlisting Shakespeare as patriotic poet. The essays also consider how the dream of Shakespeare as a rural poet took shape in gardens, how cartoons challenged the poet's élite status and how statues of him mutated into advertisements for gin and Disney cartoons. Richly varied illustrations supplement these case studies of the diverse, complex and contradictory aims of memorialising Shakespeare.

Shakespeare and commemoration Coppélia Kahn and Clara Calvo
1. David Garrick
saints, temples and jubilees Peter Holland
2. Commemorating Shakespeare in performance
Betterton and Irving Richard Schoch
3. Relic, pageant, sunken wrack
Shakespeare in 1816 Adrian Poole
4. Remembrance of things past
Shakespeare 1851, 1951, 2012 Graham Holderness
5. Remembering Shakespeare in India
colonial and postcolonial memory Supriya Chaudhuri
6. Shakespeare at the Vatican, 1964 Marta Cerezo
7. Commemorating Shakespeare in America, 1864 Douglas M. Lanier
8. Shakespeare's rising
Ireland and the 1916 Tercentenary Andrew Murphy
9. Goblin's market
commemoration, anti-semitism and the invention of 'global Shakespeare' in 1916 Gordon McMullan
10. Performing commemoration in wartime
Shakespeare galas in London, 1916–19 Ailsa Grant Ferguson
11. Lest we forget
Shakespeare tercentenary commemoration in Sydney and London, 1916 Philip Mead
12. Brought up to date
Shakespeare in cartoons Clara Calvo
13. Sculpted Shakespeare Ton Hoenselaars
14. Gardening with Shakespeare Nicola J. Watson
15. Anne Hathaway's Cottage
myth, tourism, diplomacy Katherine West Scheil