Christian Theology in Asia

Christian Theology in Asia

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Cambridge University Press, 5/1/2008
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The majority of the world's Christians now live outside Europe and North America, and global Christianity is becoming increasingly diverse. Interest in the history and theology of churches in non-Western contexts is growing rapidly as 'old world' churches face this new reality. This book focuses on how Asian Christian theologies have been shaped by the interaction of Christian communities with the societies around them and how they relate to the specific historical contexts from which they have emerged. The distinctiveness of Asian Christianity is shown to be the outcome of dealing with various historical challenges. Questions addressed include: • How does Asian Christianity relate to local socio-cultural, religious and political environments? • What is distinctive about the historical development of Asian theologies? • How have Asian theologies contributed to contemporary theological discussions within world Christianity?

Part I. Formation of Christian Theologies in Asia
1. Introduction
mapping Asian Christianity in the context of world Christianity David M. Thompson
2. The mystery of God in and through Hinduism Jacob Kavunkal
3. Waters of life and Indian cups
Protestant attempts at theologising in India Israel Selvanayagam
4. From abandonment to blessings
the theological presence of Christianity in Indonesia John A. Titaley
5. Studying Christianity and doing theology Extra Ecclesiam in China Choong Chee Pang
6. Christian theology under feudalism, nationalism and democracy in Japan Nozomu Miyahira
7. The word and the spirit
overcoming poverty, injustice and division in Korea Sebastian C. H. Kim
Part II. Theological Themes of Christianity in Asia
8. Religious pluralism, dialogue and Asian Christian responses M. Thomas Thangaraj
9. Cross-textural hermeneutics and identity in multi-scriptural Asia Archie C. C. Lee
10. Re-constructing Asian feminist theology
towards glocal feminist theology in an era of neo-empire(s) Namsoon Kang
11. The ecumenical movement in Asia in the context of Asian socio-political realities S. Wesley Ariarajah
12. Mission and evangelism
evangelical and pentecostal theologies in Asia Hwa Yung
13. Subalterns, identity politics and Christian theology in India Sathianathan Clarke.