Chronic Inflation in an Industrializing Economy: The Brazilian Experience

Chronic Inflation in an Industrializing Economy: The Brazilian Experience

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Vincent Parkin
Cambridge University Press, 5/31/1991
EAN 9780521375405, ISBN10: 0521375401

Hardcover, 334 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

Since the military coup d'état in 1964 Brazil has experienced a period of almost uninterrupted inflation measured in tens and sometimes hundreds of per cent per year. In this book, originally published in 1991, Vincent Parkin sets out to explain the nature and causes of chronic inflation in middle-income developing countries by focusing on the Brazilian experience. He rejects the monetarist explanation for inflation and argues instead that the relationship between money and inflation is seldom clear-cut. The book will be of interest to all economists concerned with inflation and Latin America.

Part I. Theory and Empirical Background
1. A theoretical framework for the study of inflation rooted in the Latin American structuralist approach
2. Brazil's experience with inflation since 1960
the evidence and existing interpretations
Part II. The Determinants of Wages and Prices
3. The manufacturing price index
4. Average earnings in manufacturing industry
5. The price of food and food supply
6. Other price relationships
Part III. The Inflationary Process
7. A marcoeconomic model for Brazil
8. Model validation and evaluation
9. Policy experiments
10. Conclusion

"David Parkin's monograph belongs to that distinctive shelf of metaphysical ethnographies of Africa...the book is lucidly written, comprising a coherent essay from start to finish." George Park, The Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology