Chrysophyte Algae: Ecology, Phylogeny and Development

Chrysophyte Algae: Ecology, Phylogeny and Development

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J. Kristiansen Edited by Craig D. Sandgren
Cambridge University Press, 1/26/1995
EAN 9780521462600, ISBN10: 0521462606

Hardcover, 416 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.7 cm
Language: English

Research activity involving algae in the classes Chrysophyceae and Synurophyceae ('chrysophytes') has increased dramatically over the last decade. These beautiful and delicate organisms are pivotal for studies of protistan evolution, food web dynamics in oligotrophic freshwater ecosystems, and for the assessment of environmental degradation resulting from eutrophication and acid rain. They also represent excellent model cellular systems for studying processes inherent in basic metabolism, biomineralization, endo- and exo-cytosis and macro-assembly of cell surface layers. This book gives a broad overview of current research, emphasizing the phylogeny, ecology and development of these organisms. Each chapter also contains reviews of the literature, and presents ideas for future research. Phycologists, palaeoecologists, limnologists and plankton ecologists will find this a mine of invaluable information.

1. History of chrysophyte research
Part I. Phylogeny, Systematics and Evolution
2. Evolution of plastid genomes
3. A modern concept of chrysophycean systematics
4. Current status of chrysophyte 'splinter groups'
synurophytes, pedinellids, silicoflagellates
Part II. Development, Physiology and Nutrition
5. Comparative aspects of chrysophyte nutrition with emphasis on carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism
6. Mixotrophy in chrysophytes
7. Biomineralization and scale production in the Chrysophyta
8. Immunological and ultrastructural studies of scale development and deployment in Apedinella and Mallomonas
Part III. Ecology, Paleocology and Reproduction
9. Chrysophyte blooms in the plankton and neuston of marine and freshwater systems
10. Biogeography of chrysophytes in Finnish lakes
11. The distribution of chrysophytes along environmental gradients
12. The influence of zooplankton herbivory on the biogeography of chrysophyte algae
13. Application of chrysophytes to problems in paleolimnology
Part IV. Contributed Original Papers
14. Mallomonas variabilis sp. nov. (Chrysophyceae) with stomatocysts found in Lake Kinnevesi, Finland
15. Scale morphology and growth characteristics of clones of Synura petersenii (Synurophyceae) at different temperatures
16. Status of the Chrysamoebales (Chrysophyceae)
observations on Chrysamoeba pyrenoidifera, Rhizochromulina marina and Lagynion delicatulum
17. The genus Paraphysomonas from Indian rivers, lakes, ponds and tanks.