Church, World and the Christian Life

Church, World and the Christian Life

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Nicholas M. Healy
Cambridge University Press, 28/09/2000
EAN 9780521781381, ISBN10: 0521781388

Hardcover, 212 pages, 23.4 x 15.5 x 1.5 cm

This book argues that modern ecclesiology exhibits two unfortunate tendencies: it describes the church in ideal terms, rather than directly addressing the problems of its everyday, sinful activity; and it undermines the distinctiveness of the church and its way of life. The book analyzes the impact of pluralism and inclusivism upon ecclesiology, and draws upon Balthasar’s theodramatic theory, MacIntyre’s theory of traditional inquiry, postmodern critiques of humanism, and postmodern ethnography to develop a more flexible and concrete ecclesiology that can better address the practical and pastoral needs of the church. This alternative ecclesiology strongly affirms the need for the church to debate with those who challenge its claims and their embodiment, both from within and externally. The book concludes by discussing how the church may construct its own theological forms of historical, sociological and ethnographic analysis of both the church and society.

‘Healy’s book has many good insights and analysis of different models.’ Theology

‘This is a marvellously open and generous book that seeks to move ecclesiology away from the deceits of idealistic portrayals and towards the concrete reality of a sinful and erring community …’. Journal of Theological Studies

‘…a considered scholarly and innovative study of the methodological issues that confront current ecclesiology.’ International Journal of Systematic Theology