Climate Change and Climate Modeling

Climate Change and Climate Modeling

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J. David Neelin
Cambridge University Press, 2010-12-16
EAN 9780521602433, ISBN10: 0521602432

Paperback, 298 pages, 24.6 x 24.6 x 18.9 cm

Provides students with a solid foundation in climate science, with which to understand global warming, natural climate variations, and climate models. As climate models are one of our primary tools for predicting and adapting to climate change, it is vital we appreciate their strengths and limitations. Also key is understanding what aspects of climate science are well understood and where quantitative uncertainties arise. This textbook will inform the future users of climate models and the decision-makers of tomorrow by providing the depth they need, while requiring no background in atmospheric science and only basic calculus and physics. Developed from a course that the author teaches at UCLA, material has been extensively class-tested and with online resources of colour figures, Powerpoint slides, and problem sets, this is a complete package for students across all sciences wishing to gain a solid grounding in climate science.

Advance praise: 'This is a timely and important book that lucidly and engagingly covers topics related to climate change, topics that currently receive enormous attention and that unfortunately cause polarization.' Professor S. George Philander, Princeton University