Clinical Gynecology

Clinical Gynecology

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 4/23/2015
EAN 9781107040397, ISBN10: 1107040396

Hardcover, 1126 pages, 27.6 x 21.9 x 5 cm
Language: English

Written with the busy practice in mind, this book delivers clinically focused, evidence-based gynecology guidance in a quick-reference format. It explores etiology, screening, tests, diagnosis, and treatment for a full range of gynecologic health issues. The coverage includes the full range of gynecologic malignancies, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, infectious diseases, urogynecologic problems, gynecologic concerns in children and adolescents, and surgical interventions including minimally invasive surgical procedures. Information is easy to find and absorb owing to the extensive use of full-color diagrams, algorithms, and illustrations. The new edition has been expanded to include aspects of gynecology important in international and resource-poor settings.

Part I. Ambulatory Office Practice
1. Osteoporosis
2. Premenstrual syndrome/premenstrual dysphoric disorder
3. Geriatric gynecology
4. Chronic pelvic pain
5. Female sexual dysfunction
6. Alternative medicine
7. Domestic violence
8. Female genital mutilation
9. Abnormal uterine bleeding
10. Preventive health
11. Preconception counseling
12. Cervical cancer screening
13. Colposcopy
14. Imaging in gynecology
Part II. General Gynecology
15. Endometriosis
16. Uterine leiomyomas
epidemiology, diagnosis and management
17. Ectopic pregnancy
18. Benign vulvar diagnosis
19. Preoperative evaluation and postoperative management
20. Principles of surgical technique
Part III. Gynecologic Infectious Disease
21. Vulvovaginal infections
22. Sexually transmitted diseases
23. Pelvic inflammatory disease
24. Human immunodeficiency virus infection
25. Human papillomaviruses
26. Gynecologic surgery and sepsis
Part IV. Urogynecology
27. The anatomic basis of normal and abnormal pelvic support
28. Nonsurgical treatment of urinary incontinence
29. Surgical treatment of urinary incontinence
30. Surgical treatment of fecal incontinence
31. Urogynecologic work-up
32. Diagnosis and treatment of fistulas
Part V. Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
33. Normal puberty
34. Precocious puberty
35. Delayed puberty and primary amenorrhea
36. Medical management of gynecologic problems in the pediatric and adolescent patient
37. Surgical problems in the pediatric patient
Part VI. Minimally Invasive Surgery
38. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic instrumentation
39. Surgical set-up for minimally invasive surgery
40. Laparoscopic procedures
41. Hysteroscopic procedures
42. Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic complications
Part VII. Gynecologic Oncology
43. Breast carcinoma
44. Breast cancer screening
45. Vulvar carcinoma
46. Vaginal cancer
47. Cervical cancer
48. Endometrial carcinoma
49. Uterine sarcomas
50. Fallopian tube carcinoma
51. Ovarian cancer
52. Gestational trophoblastic disease
53. Pain management in gynecologic oncology
54. Cancer genetics
55. Cancer in the pregnant patient
Part VIII. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
A. Infertility
56. Female infertility and the evaluation of infertile couple
57. Assisted Reproductive Technologies and in-vitro fertilization
58. Male infertility
59. Recurrent early pregnancy loss
B. Reproduction/Endocrinology
60. Hyperprolactinemia
61. Secondary amennorhea
62. Contraception
63. Physiology of the menstrual cycle
64. Menopause
65. Perimenopause
66. Polycystic ovary syndrome
67. Thyroid function and disorders
68. Disorders of the adrenal gland