COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

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E. Reed Doke
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 3/24/2005
EAN 9780521546843, ISBN10: 0521546842

Paperback, 296 pages, 23.5 x 17.8 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

In the fast moving world of information technology, Java is now the number 1 programming language. Programmers and developers everywhere need to know Java to keep pace with traditional and web-based application development. COBOL Programmers Swing with Java provides COBOL programmers a clear, easy transition to Java programming by drawing on the numerous similarities between COBOL and Java. The authors introduce the COBOL programmer to the history of Java and object-oriented programming and then dive into the details of the Java syntax, always contrasting them with their parallels in COBOL. A running case study gives the reader an overall view of application development with Java, with increased functionality as new material is presented. This new edition features the development of graphical user interfaces (GUI's) using the latest in Java Swing components. The clear writing style and excellent examples make the book suitable for anyone wanting to learn Java and OO programming, whether they have a background in COBOL or not.

1. Why you should learn Java
2. An introduction to object-oriented programming
3. Java structure
4. Defining data
5. Computation
6. Decision making
7. Loops
8. Arrays
9. Data access
10. Graphical user interface
11. Object-oriented development issues.