Common Epilepsy Pitfalls

Common Epilepsy Pitfalls

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Steven Schachter Dieter Schmidt
Cambridge University Press, 8/1/2013
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Epilepsy is amongst the most frequently encountered of neurological disorders, yet its diagnosis and management is fraught with pitfalls. Issues surrounding differential diagnosis, seizure type, underlying causes, EEG interpretations, treatment options and prognoses can often trip-up clinicians. Common Epilepsy Pitfalls: Case-Based Learning, is a comprehensive guide to anticipating and managing the pitfalls in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy. Real-life cases are presented along with pragmatic recommendations for courses of action that guide the reader through accurate and effective epilepsy diagnosis and treatment. Cases have been chosen to answer key questions such as: the first seizure – is it epilepsy? Which drug? When should stopping treatment be considered? What to do in an epileptic emergency? Containing detailed coverage of psychiatric, social and family issues – and authored by world experts in epilepsy management – this text is invaluable for neurologists, internists, family practitioners and advanced medical students.

1. Mistaking non-epileptic events for epilepsy
2. Mistaking EEG changes for epilepsy
3. Radiographic errors in epilepsy
4. The first seizure
is it epilepsy?
5. When to start treatment?
6. Which drug is best?
7. How to optimize treatment?
8. What to do if drugs don't work?
9. When to stop treatment
10. Women with epilepsy
11. Management of psychiatric issues in epilepsy
12. Management of emergencies in epilepsy
13. Management of social issues