Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care

Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care

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Rick Iedema, Donella Piper, Marie Manidis
Cambridge University Press, 8/11/2015
EAN 9781107699328, ISBN10: 1107699320

Paperback, 372 pages, 25.4 x 19 x 2 cm
Language: English

In response to the growing emphasis on clinicians' capacity to practise effective communication, Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care provides real-time communication scenarios and interprofessional case studies. The book engages healthcare trainees from across medicine, nursing and allied health services in a comprehensive and probing discussion of the communication demands that confront today's healthcare teams. This book explains the role of communication in mental health, emergency medicine, intensive care and a wide range of other health service and community care contexts. It emphasises the ways in which patients and clinicians communicate, and how clinicians communicate with one another. The case studies explain why and how communication is critical to good care and healing. Each chapter analyses real-life practice situations, encourages the learner to ask probing questions about these situations and sets out the principal components and strategies of good communication.

Part I. Communication in Health Care, and its Role in Quality and Safety
1. Introduction
communicating for quality and safety Rick Iedema, Donella Piper and Marie Manidis
2. A brief history of communication in healthcare Rick Iedema, Donella Piper and Marie Manidis
Part II. Communicating Quality and Safety across Service and Clinical Domains
3. Communicating with the patient in primary care settings Jill Thistlethwaite and George Ridgway
4. Communicating across rural and metropolitan health care settings Donella Piper, Vicki Parker and Jane Gray
5. Communicating in emergency care Marie Manidis
6. Communicating in intensive care K. J. Farley, Gerard J. Fennessy and Daryl Jones
7. Communicating about end-of-life care Aileen Collier
8. Communicating in surgery Elizabeth Manias
9. Communicating with people with cognitive impairment Sam Davis and Aileen Collier
10. Therapeutic communication with people experiencing mental illness Jennifer Plumb
11. Communicating in partnership with service users
what can we learn from child and family health? Nick Hopwood
Part III. General Health Communication Strategies
12. Improving care by listening
care communication and shared decision-making Natalya Godbold and Kirsten McCaffery
13. Intra- and interprofessional communication Jill Thistlethwaite, Marie Manidis and Cindy Gallois
14. Communicating care
informed consent Katherine Carroll and Rick Iedema
15. Communicating bad news
bad news for the patient Jill Thistlethwaite
16. Communicating in an e-health environment Vicki Parker, Douglas Bellamy and Deidre Besuijen
17. Communicating for quality and safety in Aboriginal healthcare George Hayden and Caris Jalla
18. Communicating with culturally and linguistically diverse patients in cancer care Phyllis Butow
19. Communicating empathy in the face of pain and suffering Catherine O'Grady and Aileen Collier
20. Taking the heat in critical situations
being aware, assertive and heard Benn Lancman and Christine Jorm
Part IV. Regulation and Law
21. Communicating about how the safety and quality of care are regulated Donella Piper, Luke Slawomirski and Rick Iedema
22. Communicating bad news
when care goes wrong Rick Iedema, Kate Bower and Donella Piper
23. The role of the law in communicating patient safety Donella Piper, Tina Cockburn, Bill Madden, Prue Vines, Janine McIlwraith and Ngaire Watson.