Comparative Takeover Regulation: Global and Asian Perspectives

Comparative Takeover Regulation: Global and Asian Perspectives

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Cambridge University Press, 10/26/2017
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While Western economies generally display dispersed shareholding in listed companies, Asian economies commonly have concentrated shareholding also in publicly listed companies. The principal analysis in Comparative Takeover Regulation relates to the role of takeover regulation in different economies. In the Asian context, the nature of takeover regulation may necessitate a different approach, with greater emphasis on the mandatory bids and disclosure of substantial shareholding. The likelihood of hostile takeovers will be minimal. It is these differences among various jurisdictions that strike at the heart of Varottil and Wan's new work. Ideal for educational institutions that teach corporate law, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as for law firms, corporate counsel and other practitioners, Comparative Takeover Regulation provides students and scholars with brand new analysis of this increasingly important field of study.

Part I. Theoretical and Empirical Understanding of Takeover Regulation
1. Comparative takeover regulation
the background to connecting Asia and the West Umakanth Varottil and Wai Yee Wan
2. Deal structure and minority shareholders Afra Afsharipour
3. The transactional scope of takeover law in comparative perspective Paul Davies
4. A comparative analysis of the regulation of squeeze outs and going private transactions Vikramaditya Khanna
5. Assessing the performance of takeover panels
a comparative study Emma Armson
6. The biases of an 'unbiased' optional takeovers regime
the mandatory bid threshold as a reverse drawbridge Johannes W. Fedderke and Marco Ventoruzzo
Part II. Asian Jurisdictions
7. Takeover regulation in China
striking a balance between takeover contestability and shareholder protection Robin Hui Huang and Juan Chen
8. The enigma of hostile takeovers in Japan
bidder beware Dan W. Puchniak and Masafumi Nakahigashi
9. M&As in Korea
continuing concern for minority shareholders Hyeok-Joon Rho
10. Takeover laws and practices in Taiwan
recent developments and future prospects Claire Te-fang Chu
11. The nature of the market for corporate control in India Umakanth Varottil
12. Evolutionary development in Hong Kong of transplanted UK-origin takeover rules David C. Donald
13. Legal transplantation of UK-style takeover regulation in Singapore Wai Yee Wan
14. The regulation of takeovers and mergers in Malaysia Mushera Ambaras Khan
15. Concluding observations and the future of comparative takeover regulation Umakanth Varottil and Wai Yee Wan.