Comprehensive Psychiatry Review (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

Comprehensive Psychiatry Review (Cambridge Medicine (Paperback))

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William Weiqi Wang
Cambridge University Press, 10/15/2009
EAN 9780521106450, ISBN10: 0521106451

Paperback, 480 pages, 25.4 x 17.6 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

The accreditation process for psychiatry in the United States is considered one of the most difficult among all medical specialties. Although many board review books in psychiatry exist, this is the first fact-based resource that can be used for both written and oral review. Dr William Weiqi Wang has developed a concise, outline-oriented format supplemented with case studies to prepare residents for the oral and written psychiatry boards. Each chapter can stand alone and is presented in 'bite-size' clusters to facilitate easy absorption of the material. A section at the end of the book includes 150 board-review-style questions and answers drawn from previous tests. This book is a necessity for any student who plans to score aggressively on the ABPN, PRITE, and even the USMLE for medical students who want to pursue a career in psychiatry.

Part I. Intellectual Foundation of Psychiatry
1. Functional neuroanatomy
2. Neurochemistry
3. Neurophysiology
4. Child and adolescent development
5. Psychosocial theories
Part II. Evaluation and Measurement
6. Evaluation of signs and symptoms
7. Classification and diagnosis
8. Psychometrics
9. Biostatistics
Part III. Psychiatric Disorders
10. Cognitive disorders
11. Additions
general consideration
12. Addictions
alcohol-related disorders
13. Addictions
non-alcoholic substance related disorders
14. Psychotic disorders
15. Mood disorders
16. Anxiety disorders
17. Somatoform disorders
18. Dissociative disorders
19. Sexual and gender identity disorders
20. Eating disorders
21. Sleep disorders
22. Factitious disorder and malingering
23. Personality disorders
24. Child and adolescent psychiatric disorders
25. Psychosomatic disorders and consultation-liaison psychiatry
Part IV. Psychiatric Therapeutics
26. Psychosocial therapy
27. Antipsychotics
28. Lithium and mood stabilizing anticonvulsants
29. Antidepressants
30. Anxielytics and hypnotics
31. Pharmacotherapy for substance related conditions
32. Cognitive enhancers
33. Stimulants
34. Drug interactions
35. Evaluation and treatment for adverse effects
36. Electroconvulsive therapy, brain stimulation therapies, and other novel treatments
Part V. Neuropsychiatry and Relevant Neurologic Conditions
37. Congenital neuropsychiatric disorders
38. Infections of nervous system
39. Seizure disorders
40. Strokes and TIAs
41. Brain tumors and injuries
42. Headache
43. Spinal cord anatomy and related conditions
44. Movement disorders
45. Language impairment
46. Neuromuscular disorders and peripheral nerve disorders
Part VI. Special Topics
47. Suicide and violence
48. Abuse and neglect
49. Legal and ethical issues
50. Cultural and social psychiatry
Part VII. Review Questions.