Computational Continuum Mechanics

Computational Continuum Mechanics

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Ahmed A. Shabana
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 12/12/2011
EAN 9781107016026, ISBN10: 1107016029

Hardcover, 340 pages, 25.3 x 17.7 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

This second edition presents the theory of continuum mechanics using computational methods. The text covers a broad range of topics including general problems of large rotation and large deformations and the development and limitations of finite element formulations in solving such problems. Dr Shabana introduces theories on motion kinematics, strain, forces and stresses and goes on to discuss linear and nonlinear constitutive equations, including viscoelastic and plastic constitutive models. General nonlinear continuum mechanics theory is used to develop small and large finite element formulations which correctly describe rigid body motion for use in engineering applications. This second edition features a new chapter that focuses on computational geometry and finite element analysis. This book is ideal for graduate and undergraduate students, professionals and researchers who are interested in continuum mechanics.

1. Introduction
2. Kinematics
3. Forces and stresses
4. Constitutive equations
5. Plasticity formulations
6. Finite element formulations
large-deformation, large-rotation problem
7. Finite element formulation
small-deformation, large-rotation problem
8. Computational geometry and finite element analysis.