Cookery for the Hospitality Industry

Cookery for the Hospitality Industry

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Graham Dodgshun, Michel Peters, David O'Dea
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 6, 8/26/2011
EAN 9780521156325, ISBN10: 0521156327

Paperback, 764 pages, 28 x 21.6 x 3.9 cm
Language: English

A must-have book for thirty years, and now in its sixth edition, Cookery for the Hospitality Industry remains Australia's most trusted and reliable reference for commercial cookery students, apprentice chefs and those studying vocational courses in schools. It covers the essential skills, methods and principles of cookery as well as the core competencies listed within the Australian National Training Package for Commercial Cookery. This book provides trade apprentices and commercial cookery students with everything they need to know to achieve trade status and more. It is the only textbook that genuinely addresses the needs of Australian students by covering Australian qualifications and reflecting Australian conditions, ingredients and our unique cuisine.

How to use this book
Part I
1. Introduction
2. Kitchen organisation
3. Catering hygiene and HACCP principles
4. Occupational health and safety
5. Menu planning
6. Nutrition
7. Cost control in the commercial kitchen
8. Food service operations
9. Food preparation and mise en place
10. Methods of cookery
Part II
11. Appetisers and finger food
12. Salads and sandwiches
13. Soups
14. Sauces
15. Eggs
16. Rice, pasta, gnocchi and noodles
17. Seafood
18. Poultry
19. Meat
20. Game, pate and terrines
21. Vegetables and fruit
22. Buffet
23. Pastries, cakes and yeast goods
24. Hot and cold desserts
25. Cheese
26. Food preservation
27. Australian bush foods