Coordination in Syntax (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

Coordination in Syntax (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics)

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Niina Ning Zhang
Cambridge University Press, 12/10/2009
EAN 9780521767552, ISBN10: 0521767555

Hardcover, 29600 pages, 23.4 x 15.8 x 2 cm
Language: English

Coordination in syntax is an important part of the analysis of sentence structure. Niina Ning Zhang addresses the issues raised by coordinate pairings and the implications of these structures, looking in particular at examples within English and Chinese. The volume covers the major questions regarding coordinates in syntax, providing a fresh perspective to arguments raised within previous literature. She explains how such coordinate complexes are structured, how some coordinators can be combined in parts of speech, the fixed nature of some of these pairings and what changes exist between the coordinate and non-coordinate constructions. The theories raised are backed up by a rich variety of examples as well as providing a cross-linguistic perspective, contextualising these ideas within current syntactic research.

1. Introduction
Part I. No Special Syntactic Configuration
2. The complementation structure of coordinate complexes
Part II. No Special Syntactic Category
3. The categorial makeup of coordinate complexes
Part III. No Special Syntactic Constraint
4. The Conjunct Constraint and the morphological properties of coordinators
5. The Element Constraint and the semantic relatedness of conjuncts
6. Three puzzles solved by rejecting the CSC
7. Relativized parallelism in syntactic complexes
Part IV. No Special Syntactic Operation
8. The derivation of coordinate clauses with identity adjectives
9. Deriving across-the-board constructions without forking movement
10. Conclusions