Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Jeremy Moon Edited by Andreas Rasche
Cambridge University Press, 3/31/2017
EAN 9781107535398, ISBN10: 1107535395

Paperback, 430 pages, 24.7 x 18.8 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

This upper-level textbook offers an original and up-to-date introduction to issues in corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a global perspective. Written by an international team of experts, it guides students through key themes in CSR including strategy, communication, regulation and governance. Balancing critiques of CSR with a discussion of the opportunities it creates, it includes chapters devoted to critical issues such as human rights, anti-corruption, labour rights and the environment. Pedagogical features include customised case studies, study questions, key term highlighting, practitioner pieces and suggestions for further resources. The book is also complemented by a companion website featuring adaptable lecture slides, teaching notes for cases and links to related resources. Tailored for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and business ethics, it is also relevant to non-business courses in political science, international relations and communications.

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Prologue Jim Walsh
1. The changing role of business in global society
CSR and beyond Andreas Rasche, Mette Morsing and Jeremy Moon
Part I. Strategy and CSR
2. Historical perspectives on corporate social responsibility Jeremy Moon and Jean-Pascal Gond, with Luisa Murphy
3. Strategic CSR
ambitions and critiques Steen Vallentin and Laura J. Spence
4. Corporate responsibility strategies for sustainability Mike Valente
5. Managing for stakeholders in the digital age R. Edward Freeman, Sergiy Dmytriyev and Robert G. Strand
6. Political CSR
the corporation as a political actor Glen Whelan
Personal reflection Mads Øvlisen
Part II. The Regulatory Dynamics of CSR
7. Standards for corporate social responsibility
legitimacy, impact, and critique Andreas Rasche and Sandra Waddock
8. Corporate responsibility reporting Christian Herzig and Anna-Lena Kühn
9. NGO activism and CSR Frank G. A. de Bakker and Frank den Hond
10. Government as a regulator of corporate social responsibility
beyond voluntarism Jette Steen Knudsen
Personal reflection Clare Short
Part III. Communication and CSR
11. CSR communication
what is it? Why is it important? Mette Morsing
12. CSR and crisis communication strategies W. Timothy Coombs
13. CSR and reputation
too much of a good thing? Christopher Wickert and Joep Cornelissen
14. The corporate construction of transparency and (in)transparency Lars Thøger Christensen and Dennis Schoenborn
Personal reflection Daniel Mittler
Part IV. The Governance of Transnational Issues
15. Business and human rights
not just another CSR issue? Karin Buhmann and Florian Wettstein
16. Anti-corruption governance and global business Hans Krause Hansen
17. Business and transnational environmental governance Stefano Ponte, René Taudal Poulsen and Jane Lister
18. Labour rights in global supply chains Dirk Ulrich Gilbert and Kristin Huber
Personal reflection Mark Moody-Stuart
Epilogue Jonas Haertle
Glossary on CSR and related concepts