Cosmological Physics (Cambridge Astrophysics)

Cosmological Physics (Cambridge Astrophysics)

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J. A. Peacock
Cambridge University Press, 1998-12-28
EAN 9780521422703, ISBN10: 0521422701

Paperback, 694 pages, 24.8 x 24.6 x 17.5 cm

This eagerly-awaited textbook provides advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a complete introduction to modern cosmology. It successfully bridges the gap between undergraduate and advanced graduate texts by discussing topics of current research, starting from first principles. Throughout this authoritative volume, emphasis is given to the simplest, most intuitive explanation for key equations used by researchers. The first third of the book carefully develops the necessary background in general relativity and quantum fields. The rest of the book then provides self-contained accounts of all the key topics in contemporary cosmology, including inflation, topological defects, gravitational lensing, galaxy formation, large-scale structure and the distance scale. To aid understanding, the book is well illustrated with helpful figures and includes outline solutions to nearly 100 problems. All necessary astronomical jargon is clearly explained, ensuring the book is self-contained for any student with undergraduate physics.

'I know no other book that covers these wide-ranging topics with such authority.' Sir Martin Rees, FRS, University of Cambridge