Crises of Democracy

Crises of Democracy

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Adam Przeworski
Cambridge University Press, 9/26/2019
EAN 9781108498807, ISBN10: 1108498809

Hardcover, 250 pages, 22.3 x 14.4 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

Is democracy in crisis? The current threats to democracy are not just political: they are deeply embedded in the democracies of today, in current economic, social, and cultural conditions. In Crises of Democracy, Adam Przeworski presents a panorama of the political situation throughout the world of established democracies, places it in the context of past misadventures of democratic regimes, and speculates on the prospects. Our present state of knowledge does not support facile conclusions. 'We should not believe the flood of writings that have all the answers'. Avoiding technical aspects, this book is addressed not only to professional social scientists, but to everyone concerned about the prospects of democracy.

1. Introduction
Part I. The Past
Crises of Democracy
2. General patterns
3. Some stories
4. Lessons from history
what to look for?
Part II. The Present
What Is Happening?
5. The signs
6. Potential causes
7. Where to seek explanations?
8. What may be unprecedented?
Part III. The Future?
9. How democracy works
10. Subversion by stealth
11. What can and cannot happen?