Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health

Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment in Mental Health

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Cambridge University Press, 2008-07-31
EAN 9780521678759, ISBN10: 0521678757

Paperback, 352 pages, 24.7 x 24.4 x 17.2 cm

Crisis resolution and home treatment teams respond rapidly to people experiencing mental health crises and offer an alternative to hospital admission. They are an increasingly important component of mental health care and are adopted by many health care systems around the world. This practical and pioneering book describes the evidence for the effectiveness of such teams, the principles underpinning them, how to set up and organise them, how patients should be assessed and what types of care the teams should offer. Other topics covered include integration of crisis teams with in-patient, community residential and day care services, the service users' experiences of crisis teams, and responding to diversity in home treatment. This book is essential reading for all policy makers, service managers and mental health workers interested in establishing or operating crisis resolution and home treatment services, as well as for researchers and students seeking to understand this model.

'The literature on CRHT is unfortunately rather modest ... This book is therefore a welcome addition and provides an excellent synthesis of the academic evidence base for CRHTs tempered by a good deal of hands-on clinical experience. ... The practice section is refreshing in dealing with common clinical situations such as coercion which are frequently encountered but seldom discussed. ... the book has international application. ... succinctly written in a straightforward style ... a readily accessible and comprehensive introduction to CRHT with plenty of practical advice. For these reasons the increasing numbers of healthcare workers from all professional backgrounds who are now dealing with this new way of working are likely to both enjoy and benefit from reading this book.' Psychological Medicine