Crustal Evolution and Metallogeny in India

Crustal Evolution and Metallogeny in India

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Sanjib Chandra Sarkar, Anupendu Gupta
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 4/9/2012
EAN 9781107007154, ISBN10: 1107007151

Hardcover, 912 pages, 24.9 x 19 x 5.3 cm
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Crustal evolution means the resultant changes that the Earth's crust has gone through in its geologic past affected by changes in the mantle-crust system, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere and the biosphere. Metallogeny is the genesis of metallic mineral deposits. Both the terms are used in the book in their conventional sense, but keeping in mind an Indian context. This book is the first of its kind to document in detail the nature, origin and evolution of mineral deposits in India and is contextualized in local, regional and global geology. The book is unique in that it combines both metallogeny and crustal evolution that were hitherto treated as stand-alone topics. The exhaustive chapters in the book carry detailed case studies of the distribution and occurrence of ores. The book would be useful to students of advanced geology, researchers, teachers, planners and global metallogeneticists around the world.

1. Southern India
2. Central India
3. Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt
4. Eastern India
5. North-East India
6. Western India
7. The Himalaya
8. Crustal evolution and metallogeny in India
a brief review in the context of the world-scenario.