Cultures of Power in Europe during the Long Eighteenth Century

Cultures of Power in Europe during the Long Eighteenth Century

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Cambridge University Press, 7/5/2007
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Hardcover, 400 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm
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This volume seeks to get behind the surface of political events and to identify the forces which shaped politics and culture from 1680 to 1840 in Germany, France and Great Britain. The contributors, all leading specialists in the field, explore critically how 'culture', defined in the widest sense, was exploited during the 'long eighteenth century' to buttress authority in all its forms and how politics infused culture. Individual essays explore topics ranging from the military culture of Central Europe through the political culture of Germany, France and Great Britain, music, court intrigue and diplomatic practice, religious conflict and political ideas, the role of the Enlightenment, to the very new dispensations which prevailed during and after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic watershed. The book will be essential reading for all scholars of eighteenth-century European history.

1. Introduction
culture and power during the long eighteenth century James J. Sheehan
2. When culture meets power
the Prussian coronation of 1701 Christopher Clark
3. Military culture in the Reich, c.1680–1806 Peter H. Wilson
4. Diplomatic culture in Old Regime Europe Hamish Scott
5. Early eighteenth-century Britain as a confessional state Andrew C. Thompson
6. 'Ministers for Europe'
British strategic culture 1714–60 Brendan Simms
7. Confessional power and the power of confession
concealing and revealing the faith in Alpine Salzburg, 1730–4 James Van Horn Melton
8. The transformation of the Aufklärung
from the idea of power to the power of ideas Joachim Whaley
9. Culture and Bürgerlichkeit in eighteenth-century Germany Maiken Umbach
10. The politics of language and the languages of politics
Latin and the Vernaculars in eighteenth-century Hungary R. J. W. Evans
11. 'Silence, respect obedience'
political culture in Louis XV's France Julian Swann
12. Joseph II, petitions and the public sphere Derek Beales
13. The court nobility and the origins of the French Revolution Munro Price
14. The French Revolution and the abolition of nobility William Doyle
15. Political culture and foreign policy in later eighteenth-century France Gary Savage
16. Power and patronage in Mozart's La clemenza di Tito and Die Zauberflöte Mark Berry
17. Between Louis and Ludwig
from the culture of French power to the power of German culture, c.1789–1848 Emma Winter.