Dante in Context (Literature in Context)

Dante in Context (Literature in Context)

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Cambridge University Press, 9/29/2015
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Hardcover, 594 pages, 23.6 x 16.1 x 2.9 cm
Language: English

In the past seven centuries Dante has become world renowned, with his works translated into multiple languages and read by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. This volume brings together interdisciplinary essays by leading, international scholars to provide a comprehensive account of the historical, cultural and intellectual context in which Dante lived and worked: from the economic, social and political scene to the feel of daily life; from education and religion to the administration of justice; from medicine to philosophy and science; from classical antiquity to popular culture; and from the dramatic transformation of urban spaces to the explosion of visual arts and music. This book, while locating Dante in relation to each of these topics, offers readers a clear and reliable idea of what life was like for Dante as an outstanding poet and intellectual in the Italy of the late Middle Ages.

Introduction Zygmunt G. Barański and Lino Pertile
Part I. Politics and Society
1. Empire, Italy, and Florence William Caferro
2. Economy William R. Day, Jr
3. Law Sara Menzinger
4. Justice Giuliano Milani
5. Men and women Holly Hurlburt
6. The official Church George Dameron
7. The unofficial Church David Burr
8. Daily life Edward D. English
Part II. Intellectual Traditions
9. Philosophy and theology Andrea A. Robiglio
10. Moral philosophy Luca Bianchi
11. Natural philosophy Edward Grant
12. Medicine Michael R. McVaugh
13. Islamic and Jewish influences Luis M. Girón Negrón
14. Cosmology, geography, and cartography Theodore J. Cachey, Jr
Part III. Linguistic and Literary Cultures
15. Linguistic Italy Mirko Tavoni
16. Education Robert Black
17. Rhetoric, literary theory, and practical criticism Ronald L. Martinez
18. Classical antiquity Robert Black
19. Religious culture Peter S. Hawkins
20. Visions and journeys Eileen Gardiner
21. Historical and political writing John C. Barnes
22. Vernacular literatures Paolo Cherchi
23. Popular culture Jan M. Ziolkowski
Part IV. Visual and Performative Culture
24. Illumination, painting and sculpture Louise Bourdua
25. Architecture and urban space Areli Marina
26. Music Michael Scott Cuthbert
Part V. Dante
Life, Works, and Reception
27. Life Lino Pertile
28. Works Lino Pertile
29. Textual transmission Zygmunt Barański
30. Early reception (1290s–1481) Zygmunt G. Barański
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