Dark Energy: Observational and Theoretical Approaches

Dark Energy: Observational and Theoretical Approaches

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reprint, 2/20/2014
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Paperback, 338 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.8 cm
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'Dark energy' is the name given to the unknown cause of the Universe's accelerating expansion, which is one of the most significant and surprising discoveries in recent cosmology. Understanding this enigmatic ingredient of the Universe and its gravitational effects is a very active, and growing, field of research. In this volume, twelve world-leading authorities on the subject present the basic theoretical models that could explain dark energy, and the observational and experimental techniques employed to measure it. Covering the topic from its origin, through recent developments, to its future perspectives, this book provides a complete and comprehensive introduction to dark energy for a range of readers. It is ideal for physics graduate students who have just entered the field and researchers seeking an authoritative reference on the topic.

Part I. Theory
1. Dark energy, gravitation and the Copernican principle J.-P. Uzan
2. Dark energy and modified gravity R. Maartens and R. Durrer
3. Some views on dark energy D. Polarski
4. Emergent gravity and dark energy T. Padmanabhan
Part II. Observations
5. Foundations of supernova cosmology R. P. Kirshner
6. Dark energy and supernovae P. Ruiz–Lapuente
7. The future of supernova cosmology M. Wood-Vasey
8. The space advantage A. Kim
9. Baryon acoustic oscillations B. Bassett and R. Hlozek
10. Weak gravitational lensing A. Heavens