Decision Making in Health and Medicine with CD-ROM: Integrating Evidence and Values

Decision Making in Health and Medicine with CD-ROM: Integrating Evidence and Values

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Myriam Hunink, Paul Glasziou, Milton Weinstein
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Pap/Cdr, 2001-11-01
EAN 9780521770293, ISBN10: 0521770297

Hardcover, 401 pages, 24.4 x 24 x 17.4 cm

Decision making in health care involves navigating through a complex and tangled web of diagnostic and therapeutic uncertainties, patient preferences and values, and costs. Medical therapies have side effects, surgery may lead to undesirable complications, and diagnostic technologies may produce inconclusive results. In many clinical and health policy decisions it is necessary to counterbalance benefits and risks, and to trade off competing objectives such as maximizing life expectancy vs optimizing quality of life vs minimizing the resources required. This textbook plots a clear course through these complex and conflicting variables. It clearly explains and illustrates tools for integrating quantitative evidence-based data and subjective outcome values in making clinical and health policy decisions. The book will be of immense practical value for all those charged with the responsibility of decision making in medicine, including practitioners and trainees, and for students studying clinical decision analysis, EB-medicine, and clinical epidemiology.

'This is an impressively comprehensive approach to clinical decision-making with every angle considered, advantages and disadvantages tabulated ... there is a great deal of knowledge and information in these chapters, presented with masses of detailed mathematical and statistical analysis.' Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine