Decoding Organization: Bletchley Park, Codebreaking and Organization Studies

Decoding Organization: Bletchley Park, Codebreaking and Organization Studies

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Christopher Grey
Cambridge University Press, 3/22/2012
EAN 9781107005457, ISBN10: 1107005450

Hardcover, 340 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

How was Bletchley Park made as an organization? How was signals intelligence constructed as a field? What was Bletchley Park's culture and how was its work co-ordinated? Bletchley Park was not just the home of geniuses such as Alan Turing, it was also the workplace of thousands of other people, mostly women, and their organization was a key component in the cracking of Enigma. Challenging many popular perceptions, this book examines the hitherto unexamined complexities of how 10,000 people were brought together in complete secrecy during World War II to work on ciphers. Unlike most organizational studies, this book decodes, rather than encodes, the processes of organization and examines the structures, cultures and the work itself of Bletchley Park using archive and oral history sources. Organization theorists, intelligence historians and general readers alike will find in this book a challenge to their preconceptions of both Bletchley Park and organizational analysis.

organization studies, history and Bletchley Park
Part I. Decoding Structures
1. The making of Bletchley Park
2. The making of signals intelligence at Bletchley Park
Part II. Decoding Cultures
3. Pillars of culture at Bletchley Park
4. Splinters of culture at Bletchley Park
Part III. Decoding Work
5. Making Bletchley Park work
6. Understanding Bletchley Park's work
reviving organization studies.