Deep Brain Stimulation Management

Deep Brain Stimulation Management

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 9/3/2015
EAN 9781107084254, ISBN10: 1107084253

Hardcover, 246 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

This concise guide to deep brain stimulation (DBS) outlines a practical approach to the use of this paradigm-shifting therapy for neurologic and psychiatric disorders. Fully revised throughout, the new edition provides extensive information about the application of DBS to movement disorders, and includes new chapters on DBS to treat epilepsy and psychiatric conditions. With the evolution of surgical techniques for DBS lead implantation, a brand new section focused on interventional MRI approaches is also included. All key aspects of DBS practice are covered, including patient selection, device programming to achieve optimal symptom control, long-term management, and troubleshooting. It is a guide to be kept in the clinic and consulted in the course of managing patients being considered for, or treated with, DBS. With contributions from some of the most experienced clinical leaders in the field, this is a must-have reference guide for any clinician working with DBS patients.

1. Introduction
the expanding role of deep brain stimulation William J. Marks, Jr
2. Patient selection
when to consider deep brain stimulation for patients with Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, or dystonia Robert R. Coleman and Jill L. Ostrem
3. Surgical placement of deep brain stimulating electrodes for the treatment of movement disorders – intra-operative aspects
physiological mapping, test stimulation, and patient evaluation Helen Bronte-Stewart
4. New techniques for deep brain stimulation lead implantation Paul S. Larson
5. Principles of neurostimulation Erwin B. Montgomery, Jr
6. Fundamentals of deep brain stimulation programming S. Elizabeth Zauber, Peggie A. Smith and Leo Verhagen Metman
7. Managing essential tremor patients treated with deep brain stimulation Shyamal H. Mehta, Rajesh Pahwa and Kelly E. Lyons
8. Managing Parkinson's disease patients treated with deep brain stimulation Sara M. Rabin and Rajeev Kumar
9. Managing dystonia patients treated with deep brain stimulation Ioannis U. Isaias, Halim Fadil and Michele Tagliati
10. Managing epilepsy patients treated with deep brain stimulation Vicenta Salanova, Dragos Sabau and Thomas C. Witt
11. Managing patients with psychiatric conditions treated with deep brain stimulation Alik S. Widge and Darin D. Dougherty
12. Assessing patient outcome and troubleshooting deep brain stimulation Hokuto Morita, Frandy Susatia, Kelly D. Foote and Michael S. Okun
13. Implementing deep brain stimulation into practice
models of patient care Stephen Grill
Appendix A. Motor diary
Appendix B. UPDRS
Appendix C. AIMS
Appendix D. uDys
Appendix E. PDQ-39
Appendix F. MoCA
Appendix G. Geriatric Depression Scale – short form
Appendix H. Fahn–Tolosa–Marin Tremor Rating Scale
Appendix I. Burke–Fahn–Marsden Dystonia Rating Scale
Appendix J. Toronto Western Spasmodic Torticollis Rating Scale
Appendix K. GPi DBS programming data sheet
Appendix L. STN DBS programming data sheet
Appendix M. Vim DBS programming data sheet
Appendix N. DBS programming tracking form
Appendix O. Antidepressant treatment history form
Appendix P. Cognitive-behavioral treatment history form