Demyelinating Disorders of the Central Nervous System in Childhood (Cambridge Medicine (Hardcover))

Demyelinating Disorders of the Central Nervous System in Childhood (Cambridge Medicine (Hardcover))

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Cambridge University Press, 3/17/2011
EAN 9780521763493, ISBN10: 0521763495

Hardcover, 292 pages, 25.1 x 19.6 x 1 cm
Language: English

Although multiple sclerosis and other disorders of myelin formation and repair are most commonly associated with adults, they can also occur in infants, children and adolescents. Up to 5 percent of those with MS experience symptoms before the age of 18, and the number of cases diagnosed is rising. There is a lack of awareness about these diseases in childhood, however, even amongst pediatric neurologists and MS specialists. Demyelinating Disorders of the Central Nervous System in Childhood provides comprehensive coverage of these diseases, highlighting throughout the differences between management in childhood and in adults. With sections dedicated to the diagnosis, course, treatment and biology of pediatric MS, detailed chapters on other childhood demyelinating diseases, including acute disseminated encephomyelitis, optic neuritis, acute complete transverse myelitis and neuromyelitis optica, are also provided. Essential reading for pediatric neurologists and MS specialists, this book will also be valuable reading for adult neurologists and pediatricians.

1. Introduction
historical perspective of pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and related disorders Deborah Hertz, Anita L. Belman and Folker Hanefeld
2. Controversies around the current operational definitions of pediatric MS, ADEM and related diseases Dorothée Chabas, Lauren B. Krupp and Marc Tardieu
Part I. Pediatric MS Diagnosis
3. Epidemiology of pediatric MS
incidence, prevalence and susceptibility risk factors Martino Ruggieri, Immacolata Plasmati and Isabella Simone
4. Clinical presentation of Multiple Sclerosis in children Angelo Ghezzi and Brenda Banwell
5. Conventional MRI features of pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Bruno P. Soares, Dorothée Chabas and Max Wintermark
6. Differential diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and acquired central nervous system demyelinating disorders in children and adolescents Nancy L. Kuntz and Jonathan Strober
Part II. Pediatric MS Course and Treatment
7. Pediatric MS course (including predictive factors) Christel Renoux and Emmanuelle L. Waubant
8. Plasma exchange and IV immunoglobulin for acute demyelinating relapses Khurram Bashir
9. Corticosteroids in pediatric Multiple Sclerosis relapses Gregory S. Aaen
10. Disease modifying therapy and response to first-line treatment in pediatric multiple sclerosis E. Ann Yeh and Moses Rodriguez
11. Treatment of breakthrough disease Daniela Pohl and Emmanuelle L. Waubant
12. Symptomatic therapy in pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Sunita Venkateswaran, Susan Bennet and Jayne Ness
13. Cognitive dysfunction in pediatric onset Multiple Sclerosis Laura J. Julian, Maria Trojano, Maria Pia Amato and Lauren B. Krupp
14. Living with pediatric Multiple Sclerosis
patient well-being Sunny Im-Wang, Maria Milazzo and Ellen M. Mowry
Part III. Pediatric MS Biology
15. Pediatric MS
biological presentation and research update Tanuja Chitnis and Amit Bar-Or
16. Genetics of pediatric Multiple Sclerosis A. D. Sadovnick and R. Q. Hintzen
17. Clinical and biological features of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Jin S. Hahn and Silvia Tenembaum
18. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis Russell C. Dale and Esther Tantsis
19. Treatment and prognosis of ADEM Marc Tardieu and Amy T. Waldman
Part V. Optic Neuritis in Children
20. Pediatric optic neuritis Amy T. Waldman and Laura J. Balcer
21. Recurrent isolated optic neuritis in the pediatric population Bianca Weinstock-Guttman and Grant T. Liu
Part VI. Acute Complete Transverse Myelitis in Children
22. What is acute transverse myelitis (ATM) in children? Frank S. Pidcock and Guillaume Sébire
Part VII. Neuromyelitis in Children
23. Neuromyelitis optica in children Andrew McKeon and Timothy Lotze