Depression in Primary Care: Evidence and Practice

Depression in Primary Care: Evidence and Practice

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Cambridge University Press, 2010-11-04
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Although depression is a major cause of illness and disability, the quality of care offered is often poor. Research evidence demonstrating how the quality of primary care can be improved is dispersed in different academic journals and written in technical jargon. Depression in Primary Care: Evidence and Practice summarizes this research in a clear and useable format. This collection of high quality reviews of research evidence takes the form of a series of clinical and economic evaluations. Each provides a clear summary of the best evidence from trials and an accessible 'how to do it' guide, written by international experts. Global approaches towards the organization and delivery of primary care for depression are presented, from the UK, North America, Europe and the developing world. An important source of practical guidance about how to implement quality improvement programs in clinical practice, this book will assist practitioners, researchers and policy makers alike.