Design and Deployment of Small Cell Networks

Design and Deployment of Small Cell Networks

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 12/17/2015
EAN 9781107056718, ISBN10: 1107056713

Hardcover, 519 pages, 25.4 x 18 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

This comprehensive resource covers everything you need to know about small cell networks, from design, to analysis, optimization and deployment. Detailing fundamental concepts as well as more advanced topics, and describing emerging trends, challenges and recent research results, this book explains how you can improve performance, decision making, resource management, and energy efficiency in next generation wireless networks. Key topics covered include green small cell networks and associated trade-offs, optimized design and performance analysis, backhauling and traffic overloading, context-aware self-organizing networks, deployment strategies and mobility management in large scale HetNets. Written by leading experts in academia and industry and including tools and techniques for small cell network design and deployment, this is an ideal resource for graduate students, researchers and industry practitioners working in communications and networking.

1. Mobility performance optimization for 3GPP LTE HetNets Kathiravetpillai Sivanesan, Jialin Zou, Subramanian Vasudevan and Sudeep Palat
2. Design and performance analysis of multi-radio small cell networks Nageen Himayat, Shu-ping Yeh, Shilpa Talwar, Mikhail Gerasimenko, Sergey Andreev and Yevgeni Koucheryavy
3. Dynamic TDD small cell management Cheng-Chih Chao, Yi-Ting Lin and Hung-Yu Wei
4. 3GPP RAN standards for small cells Weimin Xiao, Jialing Liu and Anthony C. K. Soong
5. Dense networks of small cells Jialing Liu, Weimin Xiao and Anthony C. K. Soong
6. Traffic offloading scenarios for heterogeneous networks Adrian Kliks, Nikos Dimitriou, Andreas Zalonis and Oliver Holland
7. Required number of small-cell access points in heterogeneous wireless networks S. Alireza Banani, Andrew Eckford and Raviraj Adve
8. Small cell deployments
system scenarios, performance and analysis Mark C. Reed and Jackson Wang
9. Temporary cognitive small cell networks for rapid and emergency deployments Akram Al-Hourani, Sithamparanathan Kandeepan and Senthuran Arunthavanathan
10. Long-term evolution (LTE) and LTE-advanced activities in small cell networks Qi Jiang, Jinsong Wu, Lu Zhang and Shengjie Zhao
11. Game theory and learning techniques for self-organization in small cell networks Prabodini Semasinghe, Kun Zhu, Ekram Hossain and Alagan Anpalagan
12. Energy efficient strategies with BS sleep mode in green small cell networks Hong Zhang and Jun Cai
13. Mobility management in small cell heterogeneous networks Peter Legg and Xavier Gelabert
14. The art of deploying small cells
field trial experiments, system design, performance prediction and deployment feasibility Doru Calin, Aliye Ozge Kaya, Amine Abouliatim, Gonçalo Ferrada and Ionel Petrut
15. Centralized self-optimization of interference management in LTE-A HetNets Yasir Khan, Berna Sayrac and Eric Moulines
16. Self organized ICIC for SCN Lorenza Giupponi, Ali Imran and Ana Maria Galindo
17. Large scale deployment and scalability Iris Barcia, Simon Chapman and Chris Beale
18. Energy efficient heterogeneous networks Y. Qi, M. A. Imran, M. Z. Shakir and K. A. Qaraqe
19. Time and frequency domain e-ICIC with single and multiflow carrier aggregation in HetNets Meryem Simsek, Mehdi Bennis and Ismail Guvenc.