Development of the Ocular Lens

Development of the Ocular Lens

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Michael L. Robinson Edited by Frank J. Lovicu
Cambridge University Press, 2004-11-18
EAN 9780521838191, ISBN10: 0521838193

Hardcover, 414 pages, 26.3 x 18.3 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Development of the Ocular Lens provides a current view of research in lens developmental biology, emphasising recent technical and molecular breakthroughs. Elucidation of the mechanisms that govern lens development has enabled us to understand how the normal lens forms and how developmental processes, namely cell proliferation and differentiation, are involved in the maintenance of its normal structure, function and growth throughout life. This knowledge is fundamental to our understanding of many lens disorders. The ocular lens has also become a model for understanding the developmental biology of more complex organ systems. In this book, leading experts in lens cell biology and development discuss lens evolution, induction, morphology, the regulation of the lens cell cycle and fiber cell differentiation, as well as lens regeneration. This book is a broad and authoritative treatment of the subject that will serve as a reference for graduate students and research scientists in developmental biology and in the visual sciences, as well as for ophthalmologists.

"This volume is suitable and highly recommendable for all students and scientists in the eye field. the reference list is quite informative and I predict that this book will be a source of information for years to come." The Quarterly Review of Biology, Panagiotis A. Tsonis