Dialogue, Politics and Gender

Dialogue, Politics and Gender

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Cambridge University Press, 5/23/2013
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Paperback, 280 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm
Language: English
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Introduction: dialogue, politics and gender Jude Browne; 1. Women and the standpoint of concrete others: from the criticism of discourse ethics to feminist social criticism James Gordon Finlayson; 2. Gender, discourse and non-essentialism Barbara Fultner; 3. Universalism in feminist international ethics: gender and the difficult labour of translation Kimberly Hutchings; 4. Language, gender, dialogue, ethics: universalism and consensus after gender trouble Terrell Carver; 5. Between consensus and deconstruction: a feminist reading of dialogue Martin Leet and Roland Bleiker; 6. Trapped in a family portrait? Gender and family in Nietzsche's refiguring of authority Verity Smith and Tracy B. Strong; 7. Gender, gesture and garments: encountering embodied interlocutors Diana Coole; 8. What kind of dialogue do we need? Gender, deliberation and comprehensive values Clare Chambers and Phil Parvin; 9. Deliberation, domination and decision-making Judith Squires.

'The chapters in this volume enable readers to engage with a set of interconnected issues and problems around dialogue, politics and gender, and to explore the potential contribution of 'dialogue' to emancipatory politics. Linking high-level critical discussion to live social and political issues, it represents a serious and stimulating contribution to contemporary debates.' Valerie Bryson, University of Huddersfield