Diasporas and Foreign Direct Investment in China and India

Diasporas and Foreign Direct Investment in China and India

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Min Ye
Cambridge University Press, 8/18/2014
EAN 9781107054196, ISBN10: 1107054192

Hardcover, 260 pages, 23.6 x 15.7 x 1.9 cm
Language: English

This book offers a comparative and historical analysis of foreign direct investment (FDI) liberalization in China and India and explains how the return of these countries' diasporas affects such liberalization. It examines diasporic investment from Western FDIs and finds that diasporas, rather than Western nations, have fueled globalization in the two Asian giants. In China, diasporas contributed the lion's share of FDI inflows. In India, returned diasporas were bridges for, and initiators of, Western investment at home. Min Ye illustrates that diasporic entrepreneurs helped to build China into the world's manufacturing powerhouse and that Indian diasporas facilitated their homeland's success in software services development.

Part I. Introduction and Theory
1. Introduction
foreign direct investment in China and India
2. Social network theory
diaspora, domestic industry, and diffusion of FDI liberalization
Part II. Reform Stage I
3. Diasporic entrepreneurs and diffusion of FDI liberalization in China
4. Deregulation without openness in India
Part III. Reform Stage II
5. Deepening diffusion
zone fever and SOE reform in China
6. Transforming Indian business
the foundation and limitation of India's FDI liberalization
Part IV. Sectors
7. China's electronics and automobiles
8. FDI liberalization in India's informatics and autos
9. Conclusion
state, diasporas, and development.