Disorders of Voluntary Muscle

Disorders of Voluntary Muscle

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 7, 2001-07-12
EAN 9780521650625, ISBN10: 0521650623

Hardcover, 790 pages, 28.6 x 22.9 x 5.1 cm
Language: English

The seventh edition of Disorders of Voluntary Muscle has been rewritten and redesigned with the needs of the clinician and clinical scientist in mind. It contains up-to-date information on the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases of skeletal muscles, including the mitochondrial myopathies, ion channel disorders, muscular dystrophies and dysimmune myopathies. It covers the many recently identified diseases of muscle, and emphasises the progress that has been made in diagnosis and treatment. As background to the clinical coverage, the new edition also has chapters summarizing advances in molecular and developmental biology, immunopathology, mitochondrial biology, ion-channel dynamics, cell membrane and signal transduction science, and imaging technology. Combining essential new knowledge with the fundamentals of history taking and clinical examination, this extensively illustrated book will continue to be the mainstay for practising physicians and biomedical scientists concerned with muscle disease.

‘Hands down, this book is the best current publication in its category. The seventh edition is well timed to capture the massive increase of information since the previous edition of 1994.’ Doody’s Review Service

‘… content and writing are excellent and the book is a pleasure to interrogate. It remains an essential library item.’ C. M. Wiles, Brain

‘For busy clinicians, the beautifully illustrated and clearly written figures in this edition make it easy to fully comprehend … The book maintains a state-of-the-art ability to diagnose and treat diseases of skeletal muscle with a sufficient understanding of their scientific basis. This edition is truly a concise, but comprehensive text for scientists as well as clinicians.’ Masfumi Matsuo, Pediatrics International

‘Combining essential new knowledge with the fundamentals of history taking and clinical examination, and extensively illustrated, this book will continue to be the mainstay for practicing physicians and biomedical scientists concerned with muscle disease.’ New Medical World Weekly

‘… a clear and up-to-date account of what has been discovered since 1994 and of what still remains as the essential core of clinical myology … The book is recommended for the clinical neurologist, medical students, and anyone who has a more than passing interest in muscle diseases.’ Duygu Selcen and Andrew G. Engel, Neurology

'It is clearly written and very well structured. Its characteristics make the textbook easy to consult … a superb asset for a hospital or university library, where its readability and clarity of text throughout and its extensive coverage will make it a valuable contribution for those with an infrequent requirement for detailed knowledge.' Clinical Rheumatology

‘The clinical chapters are general excellent with clear user-friendly descriptions of the clinical features, genetics, histology and prognosis of each condition… this is an excellent book that is a worthy successor to previous editions.’ Marguerite Hill, Journal of Neurology