Double-Diffusive Convection

Double-Diffusive Convection

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Timour Radko
Cambridge University Press, 9/19/2013
EAN 9780521880749, ISBN10: 0521880742

Hardcover, 344 pages, 25.2 x 17.8 x 2 cm
Language: English

Double-diffusive convection is a mixing process driven by the interaction of two fluid components which diffuse at different rates. Leading expert Timour Radko presents the first systematic overview of the classical theory of double-diffusive convection in a coherent narrative, bringing together the disparate literature in this developing field. The book begins by exploring idealized dynamical models and illustrating key principles by examples of oceanic phenomena. Building on the theory, it then explains the dynamics of structures resulting from double-diffusive instabilities, such as the little-understood phenomenon of thermohaline staircases. The book also surveys non-oceanographic applications, such as industrial, astrophysical and geological manifestations, and discusses the climatic and biological consequences of double-diffusive convection. Providing a balanced blend of fundamental theory and real-world examples, this is an indispensable resource for academic researchers, professionals and graduate students in physical oceanography, fluid dynamics, applied mathematics, astrophysics, geophysics and climatology.

1. General principles
2. The linear instability problem
3. The unbounded gradient model
4. The two-layer system
5. The bounded layer model
6. Collective instability
7. Thermohaline intrusions
8. Thermohaline staircases
9. The unified theory of secondary double-diffusive instabilities
10. Double-diffusion in active environments
11. Large-scale consequences
12. Beyond oceanography
13. Perspectives and challenges