Early Modern Britain, 1450–1750 (Cambridge History of Britain)

Early Modern Britain, 1450–1750 (Cambridge History of Britain)

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John Miller
Cambridge University Press, 4/13/2017
EAN 9781107650138, ISBN10: 1107650135

Paperback, 490 pages, 24.6 x 17.6 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This introductory textbook provides a wide-ranging survey of the political, social, cultural and economic history of early modern Britain, charting the gradual integration of the four kingdoms, from the Wars of the Roses to the formation of 'Britain', and the aftermath of England's unions with Wales and Scotland. The only textbook at this level to cover Britain and Ireland in depth over three centuries, it offers a fully integrated British perspective, with detailed attention given to social change throughout all chapters. Featuring source textboxes, illustrations, highlighted key terms and accompanying glossary, timelines, student questioning, and annotated further reading suggestions, including key websites and links, this textbook will be an essential resource for undergraduate courses on the history of early modern Britain. A companion website includes additional primary sources and bibliographic resources.

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Kent, 1450
1. Kings, lords and peoples
2. The lives of the people
3. Monarchies and their problems, 1450–1536
4. Henry VIII's Reformation
5. The growth of Protestantism to 1625
6. State and society, 1536–1625 1. England and Wales
7. State and society, 1536–1625 2. Scotland and Ireland
8. The coming of war in three kingdoms, 1625–42
9. British wars, English conquests, 1642–60
10. Empire
11. Prosperity and poverty, 1660–1750
12. Money and power
the growth of the British State, 1640–1750
13. Crown and Parliament, 1660–1750 1. England
14. Crown and Parliament, 1660–1750 2. Scotland and Ireland
15. The fragmentation of Protestantism, 1640–1750
16. Popular politics, 1640–1750