Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World

Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World

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Jonathan I. Lunine
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 2013-04-08
EAN 9780521615198, ISBN10: 0521615194

Hardcover, 327 pages, 27.6 x 27.2 x 21.6 cm

'The keenly awaited second edition of Lunine's book does not disappoint. The clarity of writing and level of scholarship remain high, and there is no other treatment of our planet with this interdisciplinary breadth. As we home in on Earth-like worlds far from home, this book is a perfect component for an undergraduate astronomy or astrobiology course.' Chris Impey, University Distinguished Professor, University of Arizona

'Lunine focusses on the Earth as a system, and sets it in context in comparison with other Solar System bodies. This is how a geoscience text should be done these days.' David A. Rothery, The Open University

'Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World brings the knowledge gained by 50 years of Solar System exploration back to Earth and infuses the often hazy first half of Earth history with new energy and insight, providing a unique perspective on the entire history of our home planet.' James Head, Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences, Brown University

'Lunine's astrobiological perspective on Earth history is a breath of fresh air, drawing on the entire breadth of science to address fundamental questions about the origins of life, and the development of the systems that sustain it here on Earth, in a manner that quickly and directly connects to students.' Marshall Bartlett, Chair of Physics, Hollins University

'… I've never seen anything quite like it … This would be a spectacular text for a course providing a perspective on Earth and planetary science and modern issues in our stewardship of the Earth for students majoring in fields outside the geosciences … It could even give geology students perspective on the 'deep time' that is beyond the vast majority of Earth's geologic record, and on Earth's place in the solar system … Jonathan Lunine is a scientist who knows his planetary climates, having studied atmospheres of worlds inside and outside our solar system, and who has done lots of recent work on astrobiology.' Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society (

'Earth: Evolution of a Habitable World succeeds remarkably in providing a well-balanced, enjoyable, and crystal clear summary of a broad set of topics that together introduce Earth and life in its complexity and interconnectedness. The book is rich in up-to-date research and it simultaneously provides a breadth and depth that are unmatched - students, interested laymen, and researchers will all enjoying reading it. What set[s] Lunine's text apart from the increasing number of great astrobiology books [is] the unmatched clarity of the text, its logical and well-balanced structure, and the surprising level of detail that the book succeeds in providing over the breadth of topics covered.' Daniel Apai, Meteoritics and Planetary Science