Ecology: Achievement and Challenge: 41st Symposium of the British Ecological Society (Symposia of the British Ecological Society)

Ecology: Achievement and Challenge: 41st Symposium of the British Ecological Society (Symposia of the British Ecological Society)

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Malcolm C. Press
Cambridge University Press, 8/1/2001
EAN 9780521549301, ISBN10: 0521549302

Paperback, 420 pages, 24.4 x 17.3 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Highlighting both the achievements of the past and the challenges of the future, this volume presents a review of the key ecological issues. Major topics are addressed in evolution and population biology; functional and community ecology; the ecology of changing environments; and the ecology of ecosystems, management and human impacts. It gives an account of key aspects of ecology and of its interfaces with related disciplines, such as genetics and economics. The international team of authors includes some of the most thoughtful ecologists of our time. This book will prove invaluable to both advanced students and researchers in ecology.

Part I. Evolution and Population Biology
1. Genetics and ecology L. Partridge
2. Testing Antonovic's five tenets of ecological genetics
experiments with bacteria at the interface of ecology and genetics R. E. Lenski
3. Sociality and population dynamics T. H. Clutton-Brock
4. Studies of the reproduction, longevity and movements of individual animals I. Newton
Part II. Functional and Community Ecology
5. Specificity, links and networks in the control of diversity in plant and microbial communities A. H. Fitter
6. Global change and the linkages between physiological ecology and ecosystem ecology J. R. Ehleringer, T. E. Cerling and L. B. Flanagan
7. Biodiversity, ecosystem processes and climate change J. H. Lawton
8. Plant functional types, communities and ecosystems J. P. Grime
9. Effects of diversity and composition on grassland stability and productivity D. Tilman
Part III. Ecology of Changing Environments
10. Climate change and steady state in temperate hardwood forests M. B. Davis
11. Experimental plant ecology
some lessons from global change research Ch. Kørner
12. Keeping track of carbon flows between biosphere and atmosphere J. Grace, P. Meir and Y. Malhi
13. Climate and plants
present and future interactions F. I. Woodward
Part IV. Ecosystems, Management and Human Impacts
14. Lost linkages and lotic ecology
rediscovering small streams J. L. Meyer and J. B. Wallace
15. Plant-mammal interactions
lessons for our understanding of nature and implications for biodiversity conservation R. Dirzo
16. Ecological economic theory for managing ecosystem services Roughgarden and P. R. Armsworth
17. Alternative states of ecosystems
evidence and some implications S. R. Carpenter
Part V. Concluding Remarks
18. Concluding remarks J. H. Brown.