Economic Choices in a Warming World

Economic Choices in a Warming World

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Christian de Perthuis
Cambridge University Press, 2011-03-10
EAN 9781107002562, ISBN10: 1107002567

Paperback, 262 pages, 23 x 22.8 x 15.6 cm

Since the publication of the Stern Review, economists have started to ask more normative questions about climate change. Should we act now or tomorrow? What is the best theoretical carbon price to reach long-term abatement targets? How do we discount the long-term costs and benefits of climate change? This provocative book argues that these are the wrong sorts of questions to ask because they don't take into account the policies that have already been implemented. Instead, it urges us to concentrate on existing policies and tools by showing how the development of carbon markets could dramatically reduce world greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, triggering policies to build a new low-carbon energy system while restructuring the way agriculture interacts with forests. This provides an innovative new perspective on how a post-Kyoto international climate regime could emerge from agreements between the main GHG emitters capping their emissions and building an international carbon market.

Advance praise: 'For those who do not understand why a global agreement is needed in the climate change rounds and why this agreement is so difficult to reach, this book provides a clear and balanced presentation of the issues.' Claude Mandil, former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency