Educational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning Environments

Educational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning Environments

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Patrick Duignan
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 8/2/2012
EAN 9781107637894, ISBN10: 1107637899

Paperback, 252 pages, 25.4 x 17.8 x 1.4 cm
Language: English

The second edition of Educational Leadership: Together Creating Ethical Learning Environments is a groundbreaking work at the forefront of current research into the ethical challenges inherent to leadership. Patrick Duignan combines a new perspective of leadership as an influence relationship, with a collective ethic of responsibility. Educational Leadership draws together cutting-edge research, theory and best practice on learning, teaching and leadership to assist leaders and teachers to better understand contemporary educational challenges and respond to them wisely, creatively and effectively. This book is indispensable for all system and educational professionals engaged in policy-making, leadership development, leading learning in schools and those in academe responsible for programs aimed at the improvement of learning, teaching and leadership.

1. The changing and challenging context for educational leaders
2. Key macro challenges for educational leaders
3. Key micro challenges for educational leaders
4. Leadership challenges as tensions
5. A framework for analysing ethical tensions
6. Vision-Inspired leadership and ethical decision-making
7. Building a collective ethic of responsibility for leadership in schools
8. Authentic leaders use the power of presence, authentic relationships, and influence fields
9. Authentic leaders help create Innovating, deep, rich learning environments
10. Forming capable and authentic leaders
transformational learning approaches.