Electronic Health Records and Medical Big Data (Cambridge Bioethics and Law)

Electronic Health Records and Medical Big Data (Cambridge Bioethics and Law)

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Sharona Hoffman
Cambridge University Press, 2/9/2017
EAN 9781107166547, ISBN10: 1107166543

Hardcover, 222 pages, 24 x 15.4 x 1.8 cm
Language: English

This book helps readers gain an in-depth understanding of electronic health record (EHR) systems, medical big data, and the regulations that govern them. It analyzes both the shortcomings and benefits of EHR systems, exploring the law's response to the creation of these systems, highlighting gaps in the current legal framework, and developing detailed recommendations for regulatory, policy, and technological improvements. Electronic Health Records and Medical Big Data addresses not only privacy and security concerns but also other important challenges, such as those related to data quality and data analysis. In addition, the author formulates a large body of recommendations to improve the technology's safety, security, and efficacy for both clinical and secondary (such as research) uses of medical data.

Part I
1. EHRs
attributes, benefits, and shortcomings
2. EHR system regulation
meaningful use and certification standard
3. EHR data security
4. EHR systems and litigation
Part II
5. Medical big data and its benefits
6. Medical big data research
privacy and autonomy concerns
7. Medical big data quality and analysis concerns
8. The special case of open data