Emperor and Priest: The Imperial Office in Byzantium (Past and Present Publications)

Emperor and Priest: The Imperial Office in Byzantium (Past and Present Publications)

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Gilbert Dagron
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 10/16/2003
EAN 9780521801232, ISBN10: 0521801230

Hardcover, 356 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This is a revised and translated edition of Gilbert Dagron's Empereur et prêtre, an acknowledged masterwork by one of the great Byzantine scholars of our time. The figure of the Byzantine emperor, a ruler who sometimes was also designated a priest, has long fascinated the western imagination. This book studies in detail the imperial union of 'two powers', temporal and spiritual, against a wide background of relations between Church and state and religious and political spheres. Presenting much unfamiliar material in complex, brilliant style, it is aimed at all historians concerned with royal and ecclesiastical sources of power.

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Part I. The Principles
1. Heredity, legitimacy and succession
2. Proclamations and coronations
3. Ceremonial and memory
Part II. The Emperors
4. Constantine the Great
imperial sainthood
5. Leo III and the iconoclast emperors
Melchizedek or antiChrist?
6. Basil the Macedonian, Leo VI and Constantine VII
ceremonial and religion
Part III. The Clergy
7. The kingship of the patriarchs (eighth to eleventh centuries)
8. The canonists and liturgists (twelfth to fifteenth centuries)
9. 'Caesaropapism' and the theory of the 'two powers'
the house of Judah and the house of Levi