Enacting European Citizenship

Enacting European Citizenship

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Cambridge University Press, 2013-04-18
EAN 9781107033962, ISBN10: 1107033969

Hardcover, 252 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

What does it mean to be a European citizen? The rapidly changing politics of citizenship in the face of migration, diversity, heightened concerns about security and financial and economic crises, has left European citizenship as one of the major political and social challenges to European integration. Enacting European Citizenship develops a distinctive perspective on European citizenship and its impact on European integration by focusing on 'acts' of European citizenship. The authors examine a broad range of cases - including those of the Roma, Sinti, Kurds, sex workers, youth and other 'minorities' or marginalised peoples - to illuminate the ways in which the institutions and practices of European citizenship can hinder as well as enable claims for justice, rights and equality. This book draws the key themes together to explore what the limitations and possibilities of European citizenship might be.

Advance praise: 'The 'acts of citizenship' approach to studying citizenship in Europe in its widest context offers important insights at the levels of theory, methodology and empirical detail. Trans-disciplinary in their essence, the key outputs of Enacting European Citizenship have added substantially to thinking about citizenship in ways that must be engaged with by social scientists, legal scholars and students of many other disciplines such as cultural studies and geography.' Jo Shaw, Salvesen Chair of European Institutions, Edinburgh Law School