Enduring Injustice

Enduring Injustice

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Jeff Spinner-Halev
Cambridge University Press, 4/19/2012
EAN 9781107017511, ISBN10: 1107017513

Hardcover, 246 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.5 cm
Language: English

Governments today often apologize for past injustices and scholars increasingly debate the issue, with many calling for apologies and reparations. Others suggest that what matters is victims of injustice today, not injustices in the past. Spinner-Halev argues that the problem facing some peoples is not only the injustice of the past, but that they still suffer from injustice today. They experience what he calls enduring injustices, and it is likely that these will persist without action to address them. The history of these injustices matters, not as a way to assign responsibility or because we need to remember more, but in order to understand the nature of the injustice and to help us think of possible ways to overcome it. Suggesting that enduring injustices fall outside the framework of liberal theory, Spinner-Halev spells out the implications of his arguments for conceptions of liberal justice and progress, reparations, apologies, state legitimacy, and post-nationalism.

1. Radical injustice
2. Which injustices? What groups?
3. Enduring injustice
4. Apology and acknowledgement
5. Legitimacy and the cast of history
6. Elusive justice
7. A chastened liberalism.

Advance praise: 'With characteristic sensitivity and nuance, Spinner-Halev explores the ways in which deep injustices can persist even within avowedly liberal regimes. This is an important book by a committed liberal with a deep appreciation for the limitations of liberal solutions.' Joseph H. Carens, University of Toronto