Engineering, Ethics & Environment

Engineering, Ethics & Environment

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Cambridge University Press, 1/12/2008
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Engineering is 'the people-serving profession'. The work of engineers involves interaction with clients, other engineers, and the public at large. More than any other profession, their work also directly involves and affects the environment. This book, first published in 1998, makes the case that engineers have special professional obligations to protect and enhance the environment, and the authors - one, an engineer and the other, a philosopher - seek to provide an ethical basis for these obligations. In exploring these ethical issues, the authors aim to show that engineers make a difference. The text opens with a series of case studies in which engineers face complex and challenging decisions about the environment. Succeeding chapters examine different ideas about environmental ethics for engineers, including professional codes and both modern and historical discussions of environmental responsibility. The book concludes with a collection of readings that complement the text. Students, as well as practising engineers, will find much of interest in this well-argued and thought-provoking book.

Part I
1. The problem of environmental ethics in engineering
2. Engineering as a people-serving profession
3. The search for environmental ethics in professional codes of ethics
4. The search for environmental ethics by applying classical ethical theories
5. The search for environmental ethics by extending the moral community
6. The search for environmental ethics by appealing to spirituality
7. Incorporating environmental ethics into engineering
Part II
8. Supplemental readings.