Essentials of Pediatric Anesthesiology

Essentials of Pediatric Anesthesiology

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Alan David Kaye
Cambridge University Press, 10/16/2014
EAN 9781107698680, ISBN10: 1107698685

Paperback, 434 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2 cm
Language: English

Numerous studies indicate that outcomes for pediatric patients are improved when the anesthesia caregiver has advanced training and knowledge of pediatric anesthesiology. Essentials of Pediatric Anesthesiology is a unique new handbook, providing a clinically relevant and easy-to-read review of all key topics in this important field. Written and edited by leading pediatric anesthesia physicians, each chapter takes a consistent approach, guaranteeing this book is user-friendly and authoritative throughout. Topics include physiology, anatomy, equipment, a comprehensive overview of relevant disease states, and special topics such as regional anesthesia, complications, and anesthesia for remote locations. Numerous diagrams, tables and figures help to organize the information for easy reference. Whether you choose to dip into a particular chapter or read the book cover to cover, Essentials of Pediatric Anesthesiology is a valuable review book for all residents, fellows and clinical practitioners needing to improve or refresh their understanding of pediatric anesthesia management.

1. Anatomy Maria Zestos
2. Anesthesia equipment Hoa Luu
3. Methods for monitoring Patrick S. McCarty and Sabrina T. Bent
4. Anesthetic pharmacology
physiologic states, pathophysiologic states and adverse effects Dolores Njoku
5. Respiratory system Adam Broussard, Stanley Hall and Michael G. Levitzky
6. Cardiovascular system Douglas Thompson, Gregory J. Latham and Michael Richards
7. Cardiovascular system David J. Krodel
8. Congenital heart disease
arrhythmias, cardiopulmonary bypass and 'grown-ups' Katherine Stammen, Sonja Gennuso, Mary Elise Fox, Charles Fox and Alan D. Kaye
9. Central and peripheral nervous system Jacqueline Tutiven, Lalitha Sundararaman and Gabriel Sarah
10. Development of the gastrointestinal trace and associated conditions Louise Furukawa
11. Renal maturation Kasia Rubin and John Stork
12. Endocrine/metabolic Nicole C. P. Thompson and Rosalie F. Tassone
13. Hematology/oncology Stacey Watt, Helen Nazareth, Ravinder Devgun and Navyugjit Virk
14. Genetics Jacob Hummel and Scott Friedman
15. Neonatal-general considerations Jennifer Aunspaugh
16. Neonatal surgical emergencies Christina M. Pabelick, Shannon M. Peters and Kim M. Strupp
17. Pathophysiology of pain Lisgelia Santana
18. Otolaryngology Sungeun Lee
19. Plastic and cleft-craniofacial surgery B. C. McClain, Alexander Y. Lin and Naila A. Ahmad
20. Pediatric ophthalmology Amit Prabhakar, Adam J. Broussard, Charles Fox, Ofer N. Eytan and Alan D. Kaye
21. Orthopedic surgery Dolores Njoku
22. Trauma James E. Hunt, Terry G. Fletcher and Joe R. Jansen
23. Burns Terry G. Fletcher, James E. Hunt and Joe R. Jansen
24. Evaluation and preoperative preparation of the pediatric patient Rahul Dasgupta and Hani Hanna
25. Pediatric fluid management Kelly A. Machovec and B. Craig Weldon
26. Pediatric transfusion therapy and blood conservation Kelly Machovec and B. Craig Weldon
27. Essentials of pediatric anesthesiology
preoperative anxiolysis and sedation Paul Tripi
28. Regional anesthesia and analgesia Sean Flack and Michael Richards
29. General anesthesia Staci Cameron and Maria Matuszczak
30. Complications of anesthesia Ranu Jain and Maria Matuszczak
31. Special techniques and situations Rahul Dasgupta and Hani Hanna
32. Anesthesia for remote locations Joel Saltzman
33. Anesthesia for pediatric organ transplantation Naila A. Ahmad and Brenda C. McClain
34. Thermoregulation in pediatric anesthesia Kelly A. Machovec and B. Craig Weldon