Estuarine and Coastal Hydrography and Sediment Transport

Estuarine and Coastal Hydrography and Sediment Transport

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Cambridge University Press, 8/17/2017
EAN 9781107040984, ISBN10: 1107040981

Hardcover, 362 pages, 25.3 x 17.9 x 2 cm
Language: English

A practical guide to the latest remote and in situ techniques used to measure sediments, quantify seabed characteristics, and understand physical properties of water and sediments and transport mechanisms in estuaries and coastal waters. Covering a broad range of topics from global reference frames and bathymetric surveying methods to the use of remote sensing for determining surface-water variables, enough background is included to explain how each technology functions. The advantages and disadvantages of each technology are explained, and a review of recent fieldwork experiments demonstrates how modern methods apply in real-life estuarine and coastal campaigns. Clear explanations of physical processes show links between different disciplines, making the book ideal for students and researchers in the environmental sciences, marine biology, chemistry and geology, whose work relies on an understanding of the physical environment and the way it is changing as a result of climate change, engineering and other influences.

1. Estuarine and coastal hydrography and sediment transport R. J. Uncles and S. B. Mitchell
2. Bathymetric and tidal measurements and their processing V. J. Abbott
3. Acoustic seabed survey methods, analysis and applications G. E. Jones, V. J. Abbott, A. J. Manning and M. Jakt
4. Temperature, salinity, density and current measurements and analysis A. J. Souza
5. Measurement and analysis of waves in estuarine and coastal waters J. Wolf
6. Estuarine deposited sediments
sampling and analysis K. L. Spencer
7. Suspended particulate matter
sampling and analysis S. B. Mitchell, R. J. Uncles and J. A. Stephens
8. Suspended particulate matter
the measurement of flocs A. J. Manning, R. J. S. Whitehouse and R. J. Uncles
9. Sediment transport
instrumentation and methodologies K. Black, J. Poleykett, R. J. Uncles and M. R. Wright
10. The use of autonomous sampling platforms with particular reference to moored data buoys J. R. Fishwick and J. Turton
11. Satellite and aircraft remote sensing S. J. Lavender