Eu External Relations Law: Text, Cases And Materials

Eu External Relations Law: Text, Cases And Materials

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Bart Van Vooren
Cambridge University Press, 2014-04-24
EAN 9781107684300, ISBN10: 1107684307

Paperback, 620 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.7 cm
Language: English

'Van Vooren and Wessel wrote an exceptional book. The selection of material as well as its presentation is of very high quality, making it an ideal point of reference and, at the same time, a very handy teaching tool. Without a doubt, this volume will become a classic, a real must have for academics and practitioners dealing with external relations of the European Union.' Adam Lazowski, University of Westminster

'Another excellent EU Law essential from Cambridge University Press. At a time when the EU as an external actor is increasingly under scrutiny, here is a scholarly and innovative treatment of EU external relations law. Van Vooren and Wessel's contextual - and very readable - approach, accompanied by in depth legal analysis, renders this text indispensable for EU law teachers and advanced level EU law students.' Carole Lyons, Robert Gordon University