Explaining Chaos

Explaining Chaos

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Peter Smith
Cambridge University Press, 8/21/2008
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Chaotic dynamics has been hailed as the third great scientific revolution in physics this century, comparable to relativity and quantum mechanics. In this book, Peter Smith takes a cool, critical look at such claims. He cuts through the hype and rhetoric by explaining some of the basic mathematical ideas in a clear and accessible way, and by carefully discussing the methodological issues which arise. In particular, he explores the new kinds of explanation of empirical phenomena which modern dynamics can deliver. Explaining Chaos will be compulsory reading for philosophers of science and for anyone who has wondered about the conceptual foundations of chaos theory.

1. Chaos introduced
2. Fractal intricacy
3. Intricacy and simplicity
4. Predictions
5. Approximate truth
6. Universality
7. Explanation
8. Worldly chaos
9. Randomness
10. Defining chaos.